Lynda Christian Ireland Art Artist sculpture paintings oils watercolour watercolor ink crayon Tin Can Lady-Lynda Christian - Artist.

A little about me.

Originally from Co. Wicklow I am an Irish Artist based in the twin towns of Ballina/Killaloe at the southern end of Lough Derg. Killaloe was once the capital of Ireland during Brian Boru's reign, High King of Ireland.

Living here is a joy and a privilege, a place full of inspiration, both magical and actual, with a wonderful friendly community spirit.

Lately I have been concentrating on making unique, bespoke recycled materials art. Having always had a fondness for making something out of nothing I  see ordinary everyday objects in a different way such as turning a double spring mattress into a giant bed bug and a single mattress to a blue damselfly. Recycling the unwanted into wanted. In 2013 I started working with tin can metals to form a variety of sculptures such as the 11 meter long piece at Sculpture in Context 2013 at the Botanic Gardens. I continue to exhibit at various sculpture events around Ireland developing further ideas into a variety of sculptures.I enjoy creating thought evoking pieces, from flights of fancy to tranquil, relaxing moments constantly trying to further develop my photographic skills and to transform photographs into mixed media projects. Experimenting with many mediums on various backgrounds with watercolour, crayons, inks to oils with wax or other textures creating colourful, tactile pieces. I enjoying creating happy accidents and developing these into new pieces.

My sculptures have travelled as far as South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, USA plus north, south, east, west and middle of Ireland.



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