One of my installed commissions is of a flock of large flying birds hung by a single strong nylon line so the birds can swap casting shadows on the walls and floor.

Some 6 or more years ago this large sprig was placed on a very exposed wall of SuperValu Killaloe in Co. Clare.

Delighted to be so busy. Thank you to all who commission and buy pieces. Any day now I’ll remember to photo some completed pieces. Working on the pieces that should have been in Sculpture in Context at the Botanic Gardens, Dublin. They’re going to be on Instagram etc by Sculpture in Context so working on finishing my triptych. It was to be in the semi circular bench area of the Alpine garden. I would have placed the 3 ‘trees’ against the semicircular castellated wall behind the bench.

Re commissions, I have several commissions for a variety of hanging and or wall baskets, recently completed a pair for an Italian cafe using colours from the Italian flag.  Also for a 7 meters long vine. Topiary Trees. Plus a variety of other pieces. Tall freestanding candlesticks also.