Unfortunately this lovely event has been cancelled. I am delighted to be included in this year’s Sculpture in Context in the Botanic Gardens, Dublin in September 2020. I shall be at the exact same place as I was for my first time there in 2012. I shall be in the Alpine Yard at the semi circular bench.

After a busy start, a halt came. I hope to restart making and exhibiting shortly. Sadly many of the events I would have attended have been cancelled. As soon as I know of fairs and/or exhibitions I’m in I’ll update.

Thank you to all who came to the various craft fairs in 2019. It was lovely to meet and chat with you all. I hope to meet you again, and also to meet new patrons, during 2020. For now I am busy working on commissions and making new pieces. The little grey cells are beginning to get back into gear and come up with new ideas after Christmas and New Year celebrations. I wish everyone a healthy, fun filled and safe 2020.