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Metal artwork suitable for outdoors.


I am an innovative, creative artist who works with a wide variety of mediums, currently more so in recycled metal materials.

I make unique, individually handmade metal art pieces using old broken and/or discarded garden tools, various scrap metals and other found treasures to tin cans. I hand weave metal rods and re-enforcing concrete bars to make tree trunks that branch out with flowers and leaves and cones. Mega flowers circa 1 meter in diameter to many meter long vines to broaches circa 2 cms in diameter, all using tin cans for the petals. The vines or Welcome/Friendship Rings look lovely with outdoor lighting wrapped around them, possible at the front door area or dark garden wall especially in winter. The rings are suitable from weddings to graves, a long lasting, maintenance free, remembrance.

As each piece is hand made the metals never twist the same and are all hand painted, as I mix the paints whilst painting, so the individual pieces are always different. I like to twist metals in an over/under style in an attempt to repersent Celtic art which I am very fond of.

Being a DIY person this is my diy webpage.
I am also on Facebook and LinkedIn -  Lynda Christian Artist Lynda_Christian_Lawnmower_web

I have a variety of pieces in Ballina, Co. Tipperary opposite Flanagans on the lake also Treats and Treasures, Tuamgraney, Co. Clare.
ROCKBARTON GARDEN CENTER is selling my metal art pieces and taking commissions too.

As a child I would sometimes cut the lawn. This would be inspected afterwards. Should any stubborn stalks still stand after I would be handed a shears to go around and snip these impertinent, defiant stems. This is why I added the shears to this piece. The metal handle bars go through the blades so even if they could rotate they would be stopped.

If you have a metal object such as a lawnmower, old metal chair, a flowerpot container etc I can enhance it with similar flowers making it an outdoor garden feature for all year around colour.

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